Navigating College Essays with AI: A Human Touch

As college students grapple with the ever-increasing demands of academic writing, AI essay generators emerge as a beacon of hope. But how do these tools fit into the traditional, human-centric world of essay writing? In exploring this question, we turn to Juli Sheller, the founder of Papertyper.net, for her unique insights. This article aims to humanize the use of AI in writing, showing how it blends with the student’s own intellect and creativity.

The AI Essay Generator: More Than a Machine

For many, AI essay generators may seem like emotionless machines churning out text. However, these tools, as Juli Sheller explains, are more akin to silent mentors. “They provide a scaffold,” Juli says, “on which students can build their ideas, thoughts, and arguments.” This perspective is crucial. It sees AI not as a replacement for human effort but as a support system, guiding students through the complex maze of academic writing.

The Role of AI in Streamlining Research

One of the most daunting aspects of essay writing is research. AI essay generators come in handy here, swiftly collating information from various sources. But it’s the student’s task to sift through this information, deciding what’s relevant and what’s not. Juli emphasizes, “AI gives you the pieces of the puzzle, but it’s up to you to put them together.” This approach ensures that while the groundwork is laid by AI, the critical and analytical process remains firmly in the hands of the student.

Balancing AI Efficiency with Personal Insight

A key concern for students is whether relying on AI might make their essays feel less personal. Juli Sheller addresses this by encouraging students to infuse their personalities into the AI-generated drafts. “The AI provides a structure, but the soul of the essay comes from your own experiences, your arguments, and your unique voice,” she advises. This balance between the efficiency of AI and the authenticity of personal insight is what elevates a good essay to a great one.

Developing Writing Skills with AI Assistance

Beyond just aiding in immediate essay tasks, AI tools offer a learning opportunity. As students edit and refine AI-generated drafts, they inadvertently pick up on nuances of academic writing. Juli notes, “Working with AI drafts is like having an ongoing writing workshop. It helps students understand structuring, tone, and flow, which are essential skills in any writer’s toolkit.”

The Human Element: Irreplaceable and Vital

Despite the advances in AI, the human element in essay writing remains irreplaceable. Creativity, critical thinking, and personal experiences are aspects that AI cannot replicate. Juli Sheller believes that the true value of AI essay generators lies in their ability to free up time and mental space for students, allowing them to focus on these uniquely human aspects of their essays.


In the fast-paced world of college education, AI essay generators serve as valuable allies. But as Juli Sheller of Papertyper.net highlights, they are not standalone solutions. They require the human touch – the intellect, creativity, and personal experiences of students – to truly shine. By embracing AI tools as aids and not replacements, students can harness their full potential, turning the task of essay writing into a journey of personal and academic growth.

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