This bootcamp is for the woman who knows she wants it all! She also knows she has the power to create her dream life and business!

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time for you to become the Badass Boss Babe you have always wanted to be! Living life and making money on your own terms!

Over 3 days your going to be empowered and inspired to take action and level up!

Badass Boss Babe Bootcamp Schedule

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What you will learn

  • How to attract your ideal tribe
  • How to make your first $100k online
  • Why do you need an online business?
  • How to work smarter not harder
  • How to stop trading time for money
  • The inner game and personal development process to level up to make $100k online
  • Practical tips and tricks on how to build an audience online and build a powerful authentic brand
  • Why your business needs automation
  • How to create a location free, freedom lifestyle
  • How to develop a Badass money mindset
  • How to become a Badass Boss Babe
  • How to own your power
  • How you can own your own online business now
  • How you can join a community of like-minded incredible entrepreneurs

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You will be invited into an exclusive Facebook group to view the content before Monday 10th August. All of the sessions will be shared in this exclusive Facebook book from Monday 10th August – Wednesday 13th August 2020.

Guest Expert Speaker Line Up

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Natalie Williams

Natalie is a real life Boss Babe. She has over a decade of experience working in PR, marketing, digital advertising, management, partnership and events. Natalie has worked with some of the most elite brands and entrepreneurs generating millions of dollars in results by applying her unique marketing and mindset strategies and formula’s.

Natalie is vivacious, real, driven, strategic and full of energy and passion. She thrives on delivering results for clients and seeing people achieve their fullest potential in life and business. Natalie is a powerful straight shooter who leaves you both inspired and challenged.

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Iyia Liu

Iyia is the queen of e-commerce. Iyia sold 3.5 million dollars worth of waist trainers and worked with Kylie Jenner to promote her product. She has built and sold four e-commerce empires (Waist trainer, Luxe, Bambi boutique and Celebration Box).

Iyia has also launched a network to empower woman ‘Girls in business’ and recently graced our screens in the TVNZ on demand series ‘Boss Babes’.

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Melissa O Withers

Melissa Withers is the CEO and founder Manifestation Queens, a company dedicated to helping women manifest a life and business they are wildly obsessed with.

Her motivation in life comes from disrupting the norm, challenging conventional way of thinking, and helping people truly hack their inner potential. Melissa is also a best-selling author, online business coach and professional affiliate marketer. Her mission in life is to get people to take action, pushing them out of their comfort zones and into their growth zones. When she is not helping transform lives, you can often find her chasing adventure in all corners of the globe.

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Karolyn E Zinetti

Karolyn Zinetti’s special kind of magic is her ability to see and activate the gifts in others. Her titles include Empowerment Coach, Naturopath and Digital Marketing Mentor, but she is so much more.

Karolyn is the embodiment of all she stands for. She feels deeply, sees deeply, and speaks intuitively from her heart. She naturally empowers women to believe in themselves, step into their power and trust themselves fully to create their ultimate vision, at a soul level. And ties it all in with the mindset, skills and self-care habits habits to align and create a successful brand and business online.
Since partnering with the Freedom Era business model along side coaching, she has been able to travel, work from a beautiful home in Bali, and truly feel free to live a life she loves. And of course, show many others how to do the same, however that looks for them.

As an international speaker, host of the Courageous Leaders podcast and facilitator of Masterminds, Karolyn brings people together for deep connection, transformation, and fun, inspiring thousands with her own truth, that your message matters, and you are worthy of all your heart’s desires.

Disclaimer: Results may vary depending on how the applicants apply the knowledge. Going through this bootcamp does not guarantee you will make $100k online it will inspire you to as many expert coaches and entrepreneurs share their experiences of how they have achieved this.