Let’s talk Love & Relationships

Does he/she blow your mind?

Do they make you come alive on the inside?

Relationships are one of the most crucial and important decisions we make in our lives.

They MAKE or BREAK us.

Love and connection are one of the six basic universal human needs.

You don’t get handed a fairytale, but you can create one!

So, what makes a great relationship?

Values – You are aligned in your fundamental life values.

Vision – You both have a vision for your life as individuals and as a team. You’re on the same page. You want the same things out of life. You share common goals.

Trust – You have built your relationship on a solid foundation of rock and not sand. You have complete trust in each other.

Honesty – You are 100% transparent and honest. Your soul mates and best friends. You have created a safe place to share your most raw and vulnerable thoughts and feelings.

Love & Effort –You understand your partners love languages. You make a conscious effort to love them the way they need to be loved! Words, actions, time, gifts and/or touch.

Fun – They are the person you want to share life’s most spectacular adventures with.

You have x-ray eyes. You can see past the exterior and into the depths of their heart and soul.

Your present in their pain.

You respect each other.

You listen to each other and each of you feels heard and understood.

Your chemistry is electric but the intimacy you share is not just physical. You connect on an emotional, spiritual, intellectual and heart level. You inspire and push each other to new heights.

They are your King/Queen 👑

Ride or die.

They are your person for life.

They are the missing piece to your puzzle.

This is what you are worthy of. Never settle for less ❤

📸 Peter Morris

💄Jaime Randell

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