Facebook now has nearly 1.4 billion active users generating over 4 billion “likes” per day.

So how do you hit 7 figures online?

Let’s run the numbers…..

$6 per lead

$50 per acquisition

$3k per client per month

$36k per year

10 clients = $360k per year

30 clients = $1,080,000.00

Now you have a 7 figure business.

As your business coach, I want to know….

What’s your CPC (Cost per click) on all the different channels.

How many leads do you need to secure in order to land one paying customer?

Always start with the end in mind. Then work backwards.

If a client is worth $5k and you want to get to a million dollars in revenue then you need 200 clients a year.

Typically a sales close rate would be 1:10. So you need to generate 2,000 leads for 200 conversions of new $5k customers per year.

Now you need to build a solid marketing and digital strategy to acquire those leads and customers.

You need a marketing budget and know how and where to invest your budget to get the maximum ROI.

It’s not just the technology. It’s the psychology that you use that’s paramount.

It’s all about the bottom line. How do you get more customers! How do you make more sales.

You need to find a starving market and then hit that market right in the bullseye with a persuasive message.

Apply laser focus to activities that move the money needle.

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