Navigating College Essays with AI: A Human Touch

As college students grapple with the ever-increasing demands of academic writing, AI essay generators emerge as a beacon of hope. But how do these tools fit into the traditional, human-centric world of essay writing? In exploring this question, we turn to Juli Sheller, the founder of Papertyper.net, for her unique insights. This article aims to humanize the use of AI in writing, showing how it blends with the student’s own intellect and creativity.

The AI Essay Generator: More Than a Machine

For many, AI essay generators may seem like emotionless machines churning out text. However, these tools, as Juli Sheller explains, are more akin to silent mentors. “They provide a scaffold,” Juli says, “on which students can build their ideas, thoughts, and arguments.” This perspective is crucial. It sees AI not as a replacement for human effort but as a support system, guiding students through the complex maze of academic writing.

The Role of AI in Streamlining Research

One of the most daunting aspects of essay writing is research. AI essay generators come in handy here, swiftly collating information from various sources. But it’s the student’s task to sift through this information, deciding what’s relevant and what’s not. Juli emphasizes, “AI gives you the pieces of the puzzle, but it’s up to you to put them together.” This approach ensures that while the groundwork is laid by AI, the critical and analytical process remains firmly in the hands of the student.

Balancing AI Efficiency with Personal Insight

A key concern for students is whether relying on AI might make their essays feel less personal. Juli Sheller addresses this by encouraging students to infuse their personalities into the AI-generated drafts. “The AI provides a structure, but the soul of the essay comes from your own experiences, your arguments, and your unique voice,” she advises. This balance between the efficiency of AI and the authenticity of personal insight is what elevates a good essay to a great one.

Developing Writing Skills with AI Assistance

Beyond just aiding in immediate essay tasks, AI tools offer a learning opportunity. As students edit and refine AI-generated drafts, they inadvertently pick up on nuances of academic writing. Juli notes, “Working with AI drafts is like having an ongoing writing workshop. It helps students understand structuring, tone, and flow, which are essential skills in any writer’s toolkit.”

The Human Element: Irreplaceable and Vital

Despite the advances in AI, the human element in essay writing remains irreplaceable. Creativity, critical thinking, and personal experiences are aspects that AI cannot replicate. Juli Sheller believes that the true value of AI essay generators lies in their ability to free up time and mental space for students, allowing them to focus on these uniquely human aspects of their essays.


In the fast-paced world of college education, AI essay generators serve as valuable allies. But as Juli Sheller of Papertyper.net highlights, they are not standalone solutions. They require the human touch – the intellect, creativity, and personal experiences of students – to truly shine. By embracing AI tools as aids and not replacements, students can harness their full potential, turning the task of essay writing into a journey of personal and academic growth.


Let go of your past
Let go of your failures
Let go of your pain
Let go of your disappointments
Let go of that toxic person or environment
Let go of poverty
Let go of that negative mindset
Let go of the extra baggage
Let go of your own destructive self talk
Let go of your frustrations
Let go of your fears
Let go of your king lies
Let go of your limiting beliefs

Step into your future
Step into the lessons you’ve learnt
Step into new positive mindsets
Step into new better relationships
Step into learning new skills
Step into loving yourself, fully & completely
Step into faith
Step into God
Step into your purpose
Step into your power
Step into your strengths
Step into love
Step into a bigger capacity
Step into growth
Step into new opportunities
Step into miracles
Step into passion
Step into hope
Step into freedom Step into forgiveness
Step into provision
Step into making a difference
Step into being the person you are created to be

What happens if life was happening for you, not to you?

If you’re ready to let go of the old and step into the new I would love to support, inspire, guide and encourage you!

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Have you ever had your heart ripped out of your chest?


It’s interesting how on social media the pictures don’t show the scars.

I’m cutting the BS and getting real and raw with you guys. I’m so blessed to have an amazing life however life for all of us has its ups and downs. One of my greatest challenges in life has been learning how to positively process pain and disappointment so no matter what I win!

People in life will always let us down. I’m the kind of person who loves hard, especially with my inner circle. I give all of me and hold nothing back.

I’m the first to admit that I’m not perfect! But if you have me in your corner I’m a truth-teller, I’ll encourage you to go after your dreams, raise your standards, know your worth, grow and level up in every area of your life while being your greatest cheerleader. I’ll love and back you 200%.

During my life, it’s been people who have brought the most incredible opportunities, insights, love, perspectives, adventures and fulfilment into my life and also at times the greatest pain, betrayals and disappointments.

I really hate getting hurt and being betrayed, used, deceived, let down, disrespected and disappointed especially when I’ve given so much of my heart and soul. Being burnt is never easy! Can you relate?

So here’s what I’ve learnt

1) Remember life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react. Your response is your responsibility!

2) Learn the lesson. What part did you play? How can you better yourself from this situation? What can you put in place to avoid this from repeating in the future? Own your part, learn the lesson and be smarter next time!

3) Know your worth. Forgive but don’t forget. Don’t be a door-mat. Value yourself. You’re a queen and have the power not to tolerate being mistreated and disrespected. When someone hurts and burns you it says more about them than it does about you.

4) Leave and cut toxic relationships. No one is perfect, and I try to give people chances to work through a difficult situation. But sometimes the person and situation are toxic and you need to cut it and walk away. If it’s toxic you need to leave and revoke their access to you. If someone breaks your non-negotiables and deal breakers then there is no coming back. I’m really selective with who gets my time, skills, love and energy. Having high standards is a good thing! Teach people how to treat you. Guard your heart. Boundaries are crucial. Let go! There is power in vulnerability but choose wisely who you let in. Not everyone is meant for you and that’s okay. Not everyone will serve you and you won’t serve them.

5) Be real! Own it. Process your pain well! Journal, be straight up and own how and why you’re disappointed and hurt. Don’t sweep it under the rug. If someone breaks your trust and boundaries tell them. Poor behaviour has consequences. We all have the power to make the right decisions. “The quality of your life is determined by the quality of our relationships. The quality of your business is no different.” – Harvey Mackay. Choose wisely.

6) Rebuild yourself. Double the self-care because of your healing. Give yourself the love you deserve – massage, yoga, gym, good nutrition, lots of water and sleep. Read, daily affirmations, prayer, faith, podcasts, personal development, do the inner work and meditate, Spend time with people who are your “ride and dies” and have your back.

7) Refocus yourself. Search deeper within. I always go back to my goals. My mission. Who I am. Who I want to become. My purpose. My passions. My dreams. Reflect and meditate on these! Realign to your purpose.

8) Acknowledge and accept the grief. When you let go of someone you love who has hurt you have to grieve that person and loss. Be kind to yourself.
Remember this pain will pass and God has a greater plan and purpose for your life. There are a higher purpose and a bigger picture at play. Trust the process.

9) Gratitude – every day start with gratitude and be grateful for what you do have!

10) Embrace the pain! Because baby that’s how diamonds are made, under extreme pressure and heat. Thank God and the universe for this pain because it’s making you more resilient, stronger, tenacious, passionate, on fire, living in your calling and purpose, in alignment and UNBREAKABLE!

This heartbreak was a blessing.

Your scars are there to remind you of how strong you are.

I only move forward not backwards.

Your pain is now fueling your purpose. 🔥

You are the greatest comeback story! 🌪

I never lose. I either win or learn. – Nelson Mandela

Will you choose to move forward with me?

If your hurting right now or have some past trauma or pain popping up I want you to know that you are so loved. You are worthy. You are strong. You are beautiful. You are powerful. You are intelligent. You are talented. You are a winner! Your life matters. You are not alone. You were created for something so much greater than yourself.

Drop a ❤️ below if this lands with you. Tag in a friend that needs to hear this 💎🙏


No one is you. That is your power!

No one is you. That is your power! 💎

What lights your soul on fire? 🔥

“We are all looking for the highest truest expression of who we are as a human being” – Oprah Winfrey

What do you value most in life?

Making a difference

What are the barriers in the way that separates you from where you are now and where you want to be?

Many people tell me they feel they’re in a rut and they can’t see clear steps in the right direction to achieve their dreams. So they get overwhelmed and give up.

Every goal and dream can be reverse-engineered and broken down into daily habits, actions and steps.

You get what you focus on.

It all starts with you!

So stop focusing on the overwhelming and start creating your dream road map. Take the steps every damn day.

You have the power to create and design the life of your dreams. So stop the BS and the excuses, stop competing and comparing and just do you boo! Start to step into the person you know you are called to be. Don’t settle for less.

You were created for a powerful unique purpose.




Have you always wanted to be your own boss but didn’t know where to start?

Have you dreamed of being location free with total freedom and flexibility?

Post Covid-19 many of my clients are making the smart move to shift and launch businesses online.

⁣Always wanted to quit your 9 – 5 grind?⁣
Have an important message, product or service⁣ that you’ve always wanted to share with the world?⁣

Maybe, due to Covid, you have just been made redundant⁣ or your life has changed overnight.

This is a huge wake-up call and opportunity to reassess the way we do business.

In these uncertain times, you need to leverage the online world and a global audience for maximum impact and return.

It makes sense to be selling online with an automated business platform that works while you sleep.

Listen to free training around how to successfully set up and run your own Location Free Online Business⁣.

Comment below with “LOCATION FREE” and I’ll give you the link. ⁣

Now is your time to make the moves!

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you always get what you’ve always gotten” – Henry Ford

You have the power to create your dream life ❤️

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Fall down seven times, get up eight! Thats the true power of resilience

Fall down seven times, get up eight! That’s the true power of resilience 🥊

Never give up. Never back down! 💎

Shit happens. It’s what you do with it that counts.

You have the POWER to change your thinking, change your relationships, change your behaviour and change your mother f****’n life!

Never forget what’s under the hood. 🚗

It’s time to rev the engine 🌪

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Hustle + Flow

Hustle + Flow

I’ve always been a hustle, hustle, work hard, do whatever it takes, grind, long hours and knock the f***’n door down kind of girl. I don’t stop until I get what I want and to be honest most of the time, this has worked.

However lately I’ve been on a journey and learning how I love parts of the hustle because it’s actually who I am, but I also need to embrace the flow.

When my coach first floated the concept of ‘flow’ with me I wanted to laugh out loud. All this ‘new age flow’ talk I thought was an excuse for people who didn’t want to work hard, and I thought it was utter BS!

Then this concept kept knocking on my door through other people and situations until it finally got my attention.

I never thought I would ever say this, but I now actually love the balance and combination of hustle and flow. I love the drive, clarity, laser focus, resilience, tenacity and work ethic that the hustle teaches you, but it can’t just all be a hard grind, that’s how to burn out happens. I now believe there is a time to hustle and a time to flow. A time to speed up and a time to slow down.

I’ve learnt that I have to trust that God, the Universe and the process are all working for my greater good. Sometimes I have to take a step back from the hustle to realign myself. Each night before I close my eyes, I pray. I check in with my inner resource, remind myself to let go of fears and take hold of faith and meditate on my true innermost heart desires. I visualise how it would feel to be the person I know I want to be and to achieve the things I’ve set out to achieve.

Flow means doing the work, taking the steps, showing up but then letting go. Flow is faith.

Sometimes that relationship, client, situation, friendship, job or holiday was not meant for you. So instead of pushing harder, let go and trust the bigger picture. Realign yourself, your values, your time and your energy to your dreams.

I love that quote that says, “Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path.”

Ask yourself, what is it that I truly desire?

Where do I find the most joy and fulfilment?

How can I enjoy my life on a daily basis?

Recently this has all been really hitting home for me. I’ve been going through a process of realigning myself. I’ve been forced to let go and become more grounded. I’ve learnt how to embrace suffering and pain. I’ve learnt to have a cup of tea with my uncomfortable and unbearable feelings without suppressing or avoiding them. I’ve learnt to accept the changing seasons of life and how to let go of things I cannot control. I’ve found fresh answers, strategy, powerful revelations, creativity, soul heartfelt desires and freedom in the stillness. The removing of all distractions. In this quiet place where it’s just full all of me, everything on the table and God. It’s in these moments of stillness that I find strength, joy, power, healing and, freedom and I’m reminded of what holds true value in my life, who I truly am and my life purpose.

The taller the tree, the deeper the roots.

Who you are and who you become is the greatest asset and achievement in this life and in the overflow of that people’s lives are impacted and positively changed.

You can embody both the hustle and the flow.

So, I want to encourage you to take a step back. Slow down. Be still and water your mind, body and soul and learn when it’s time to hustle and when it’s just time to give it up, have faith and simply flow.

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